Saturday, December 17, 2011

Student Government + Planga

Planga makes non-academic life better for students and campus leaders by providing a social, cutting-edge calendar platform.  Students can discover events to attend based on what's popular & what friends are doing, and can easily keep in touch with the clubs, teams, and societies they care about.  Group leaders can easily view their members & fan-bases, sync the group's events directly to interested students' calendars, keep students informed with timely updates, and manage discussion forums about the group and its events.

But there is another party that benefits tremendously from Planga, perhaps above all others, that is often overlooked: Student Government.  Managing campus organizations is no easy task as most schools, which have hundreds of groups across every conceivable type.  I was involved in Student Government at Cornell, and helped to manage some 600 campus organizations.  With the software tools provided to us, doing so was often a complete headache.

Planga makes life a whole lot easier for Student Government by providing the platform that organizes all campus organizations, and all campus events, into a single social system.  It's easy to sort through all campus groups, see who's involved in each, and who has control over each group.  All upcoming events, compiled from group calendars, are also in the system, and keeping tabs on everything is effortless. Maintaining control and in-contact with your campus is dramatically simplified with Planga.

Furthermore, Planga can be set up so that all group leaders are automatically a member of the student government group, which ensure that all Student-Government created events & deadlines automatically sync to group leader calendars, and that all announcements reach them.  Student government is itself a campus group, and all of the benefits to groups apply to them as well, but to an even greater degree.

Student government members can even be given administrative control over their school network, which allows them to create new groups, and easily manage all groups on campus.  Planga requires very little management on the part of student government, but we wanted to give control of the system to those most apt to manage it.

Furthermore, student government and Planga have the same goals: To provide a unified, organized, and enriching non-academic experience for all students.  Planga helps students to get more involved by being more informed about events, more easily following teams and groups, and more easily discovering like-minded students to group with.  I can proudly and confidently say that a campus using Planga to its potential will have happier, healthier, and more involved students, which can lead to improved retention and fewer at-risk student incidents.  I could think of no use of social technologies for a more worthy cause.

Planga provides student government leaders with a completely free, powerful tool that takes the best of every communication channel already on campus; And unlike the archaic extracurricular software schools license, Planga's social focus makes it something students truly want to use and are excited about.  We're looking forward to collaborating with student government leaders this semester.


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