Monday, April 9, 2012

Some Interesting Statistics from our New Launches

It has been a busy month for us launching Planga at so many new networks!  Here are some interesting data and statistics from our school  networks, which you might find interesting

Largest School: Brooklyn College: (~17,000 students)
Smallest School: Chestnut Hill College: (~900 students)
Average School Size: (~3,300 students)
Most Popular State:  Pennsylvania (8 schools total, launched & committed)
User Signups1: 53% Women, 47% Men
Usage by Time1: 56% Women, 44% Men
Most Attended Events2: Theatrical Productions, Guest Speakers, Bake Sales, Basketball Games, Spring Break
Most Popular Groups3: SGA, Student Activities Offices, Academic Calendars, Football Teams, Basketball Teams, Drama/Production Troupes
Most Active Groups3: SGA, Varsity Sports Teams, Sororities, Fraternities, Cultural Performance Groups, Racial & Sexual Identity Groups

1.) We were very interested to see that usage by women on Planga is slightly higher than that of men.  This is due in part to Planga being active at one all-women's college, but even excluding Bryn Mawr from our data, women still edge out men in terms of number of users and total time spent on Planga by a very small margin.

2.) The most popular events so far this semester vary by school, but we have noticed some similarities among the networks.  Theatrical and dramatic productions seem to be among the most attended events on Planga, as do guest speakers that come to campus.  Baked goods sales, and events that are advertised as giving away free food, also top the list.  Sporting events, and basketball games in particular, show exceptionally strong attendance so far this semester.

3.) Popularity among groups also varies between schools.  In general, SGA has among the highest attendance counts, and all students generally sync calendars with SGA from the time of signup.  Sports teams and production troupes also have extremely large fan-bases on most campuses.  The most active groups (by posts and group leader actions) are similar, but also include Greek organizations, culture-based performance/arts groups, as well as racial and sexual identity groups.

More interesting data and statistics to come as Planga grows and continues to add new schools!


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