Wednesday, June 13, 2012

How Planga Solves the "Stay In Touch" Problem

In the second part of this two-part post, we'd like to share the #2 most voiced problem by students based on our surveys:

"I want to keep in touch with clubs, teams, & groups on campus--and I want it all in one place."

On most campuses, groups rely heavily on university-provided webspace, listserve e-mail blasts, and external services like Google Groups, to keep people informed about their groups.

How Facebook Fails: Facebook has it's own groups system, and now even one that allows you to place a group under a school umbrella.  However, I cannot share events and content with some group members, but not everyone following my group.  Lastly, although I get notified about events my groups host, they are not organized into a schedule or calendar of any kind, forcing students to keep their group events organized themselves.

How Planga Succeeds:  All groups at your school, whether they represent a club, sports team, Greek organization, or academic department, all exist in a single, unified platform.  It's easy to discover new groups or find exactly the group you're looking for to join and follow.  All updates from groups, whether they're new/updated events, or announcements, automatically reach you without any additional effort on behalf of the group.  Furthermore, groups have 2 levels of permissions for members, allow private events and discussions to reach full-fledged members, while keeping them hidden from fans following the group.  Lastly, all events groups host are synced to students personal calendars, so they're always in the loop regarding what's coming up from the groups they follow, without having to do any organization on their own.

Why we still love Facebook: Facebook does a lot of things extremely well.  It's an incredibly powerful platform, has the largest network on the planet, and allows social sharing better than anything else out there. In fact, Planga leverages Facebook heavily for its network, which makes signups incredibly easy, and helps promote groups and events to students outside of the school.  However, for purposes of campus groups and events, Facebook fails to address the two largest concerns students have about extracurriculars on their campus.  Specificity, privacy, and organization are needed to make that happen--and that's where Planga passes in flying colors!


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